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America has been going through an obesity epidemic for over 3 decades with no signs of stopping. Did you know as of 2019, 39% of adults 18 years and older were overweight? Or that nearly 1 in 4 Americans are considered obese? Those stats only get more concerning when you consider the recent pandemic. While people were stuck at home waiting on their couches for the world to open up, 42% of adults in the US reported gaining “too much weight.” And when the American Psychological Association calculated those numbers, there was an average weight gain of 29 pounds. Maybe some people put in the work, shed some fat, and are back to where they were pre-pandemic—but what about the rest of us who put in the effort and still don’t see the results? What about the people who’ve been struggling to change their body image since before the pandemic? What about people like you who’ve tried it all and are still uncomfortable in their skin? Maybe you’ve tried:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Atkins
  • Keto
  • Beach Body
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Diet Pills
  • Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass Maybe you’ve tried everything under the sun, but the scale doesn’t budge despite your best efforts. And even if you found success with one of these methods, it was probably short-lived. Before coming to MD Exam, patients that did lose weight at some point reported keeping it off for no more than a couple of years (some saying they only kept it off for less than a month). If this sounds like you, that’s okay because it’s not your fault. The deck is stacked against you. In fact, it’s stacked against so many Americans out there struggling with their weight. Here are the 4 major factors we found plaguing people trying to lose weight:


Why are people overweight?


Lack of Know-How

The least complicated but arguably the biggest issue is a lack of knowledge about proper eating, exercise, and self-care habits. While the internet is a powerful tool, far too much weight loss information is either incomplete or just flat-out wrong.

This trainer on social media swears that tons of cardio and HIIT training will melt off the weight. That “nutritionist” says getting into ketosis is the only way to shed pounds fast. Next thing you know, another fitness influencer is telling you to ditch carbs because “that’s how you got fat in the first place.”

We take in all this nonsense and are almost forced to do one of two things: Test it out for ourselves (which usually ends in frustration when it’s unsuccessful) Or, Ignore the noise and follow the same patterns that continue to make us so unhappy with our bodies.

Curious which tactics actually work? It’s the ones best suited for your lifestyle. Anyone can lose weight with gimmicks—the problem is they’re unsustainable.

Once you’re done aggressively training or cutting out entire food groups, you’ll experience the snapback effect.

And since nothing was done to change your everyday habits, it only makes sense you’ll gain back the weight.

What works is what fits into your life: something that makes sense for you to do all the time.

So if you think you can keep up intermittent fasting or keto for the rest of your life? Go for it, but know you’ll have to stay consistent.

Enjoy running and have the drive for it? Go do some cardio; no one’s stopping you. Just know from now on, you have to identify as a runner to continue making it work.

Taking care of your body is a lifelong process of self-discovery. It requires figuring out what agrees with YOUR body and YOUR life—not what works for the influencers on social media.


Lack of Time

There’s no surprise why so many people can’t find the time to take care of themselves.

Most of our clients, like yourself, have families.

They have children to take care of, relationships with spouses to tend to, and on top of that, work full-time jobs.

Even if we save time traveling to our jobs, working from home can be stressful and might even make self-care harder—because now you have to be “On” all the time.

  • Team meetings and messages come in at all hours of the day.
  • When you’re away from the computer, chores around the house need to get done
  • The kids always need something, whether its food, help with homework, or simply just attention

Just like that, it’s dark out, and you’ve skipped a meal or two despite everyone else eating.

So how do you stop your stomach from growling?

Even though you promised you’d stick to cooking at home, preparing a full meal feels like too much work for your tired body.

You could go for the leftovers, but you feel like the food everyone else eats will just make you fat.

Against your better judgment, you open up the UberEats app hoping to find SOMETHING healthy.

But it’s late. There aren’t many options left open.

And no matter how often you tell yourself “NO,” your finger scrolls down to your favorite restaurant.

You select your usual order, and as you click “Complete,” you mutter to yourself the same thing you always do:

“This is THE LAST TIME.”

As you wait for it to arrive, you find yourself leaning against the kitchen counter, shamefully shoveling handfuls of dry cereal into your mouth straight from the box. Once you finally crawl into bed disappointed with your choices, you’re overfed, exhausted, and barely made it out of the house for fresh air. What would be better is having simple and healthy meals planned out ahead of time so you don’t fall victim to snacking at odd hours of the day. And you know it can be a simple fix, but only if you have the right information and tools that set you up for success—not failure.


Hormonal Imbalances

Remember when I said it wasn’t your fault that you’re struggling to lose weight?

In this case, it REALLY isn’t your fault. Our bodies are complicated systems that can become fussy as we age.

And sometimes, medical struggles can pour into our everyday life, making it hard to lose weight. This can be more obvious with physical issues like joint/knee pain, a bad back, or recovering from surgery—but it can also show up in ways we can’t see.

Did you know nearly half of women surveyed ages 30-60 have suffered from hormonal imbalances?

That might not seem significant, but an imbalance in our chemistry can make or break any progress, even if you’re doing all the right things. Without really digging into the science behind it, our bodies think we’re fighting for our lives when our hormones are out of wack. On the outside, we may be living our lives, and everything might feel fine—but inside, your body is in Code Red. These imbalances can be caused by something as simple as lack of sleep or poor stress management.

Still, it’s also possible that something more nuanced needs medical attention.

All the alarms are firing, and when you start trying to lose weight by decreasing your food intake and exercising, your body thinks it’s going to die. It’s used to a certain amount of food coming in, and when that doesn’t happen, it panics and enters starvation mode.

Once there, your body tries to convert all food into fat so you can live long enough to fix the problem: but it never gets fixed because nothing is actually wrong. This is why it’s so important to ensure we get tested and check for hormonal imbalances because on your own, there aren’t many ways you can figure out what’s going on. 


Lifestyle Changes

We’ve touched on this a little earlier, but lifestyle changes are a significant part of weight gain terrorizing Americans.

Maybe it was the pandemic that shifted your whole life.

Maybe it was a serious injury that required surgery.

Maybe it was having a child or even getting to the age where menopause kicks in.

Whatever it is, that big change happened.

Priorities shifted, other responsibilities were added on, and taking care of your body just looked different.

It’s possible you didn’t even change how you take care of yourself, but what you were doing isn’t working anymore.

That adds a new layer of stress and exhaustion to the equation, which makes it even easier to lean on something like food for comfort.

And if you’re like most of our patients, you’re well acquainted with the feeling of frustration and hopelessness when—despite your best efforts—the scale still doesn’t move.

When that happens, those chips you’ve been avoiding all week look more tempting.

At the end of the day, you're not alone

So many people who’ve come to MD Exam dealt with the ups and downs of weight loss for far too long. It feels like no matter how many times you try to lose those 15 to 20 pounds, it keeps coming back and adding more to the scale. And no matter how many times you try to make a change in your life, you might feel stuck.

Here’s something you need to understand: you’re not alone in this. It’s not just you suffering from the yo-yo effect; it’s not that you aren’t trying hard enough, and it may not even be something in your control right now. Yes, there are a lot of people who can lose weight and keep it off all by themselves.

There are also a lot of people who need help to do that. Usually, it’s with a personal trainer. Sometimes a nutritionist needs to get involved. Other times, like right now, it’s with a medical professional’s help and a little chemistry. As I said, there’s a good chance it’s not your fault, but that doesn’t matter now. What matters is there’s something you can do about it—and we want to be the ones to help.


Here's How It Works

1. Fill Out The Online Form

We’re about efficiency here. So the quickest way to help you lose weight is by getting crystal clear in our online form. Filling that out in detail will make it easier for us to prescribe the right treatment plan for you.

2. Book A Consultation

When your form is approved, you’ll be able to book a time with one of our medical providers almost instantly. (If you’ve got a busy schedule, no problem! We’re flexible and can get you on a call within the same week.)

3. Meet With Your Provider

From the comfort of your home, you’ll chat with a provider who’ll review your medical history and answer any questions about weight loss or our programs.

Once you’re prescribed your treatment plan, you’ll get a customized program for weight loss created for your specific needs, which includes an easy-to-follow exercise schedule through PhysiTrack

4. Medication Delivered To Your Door

You can get your Rx mailed straight from one of our partner pharmacies, so you never have to worry about picking up your prescription on time.

5. Start your journey

Your Rx, exercise plan, nutrition tracker, and wellness check-ins combine to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. With all the right tools in your hands, this process will not only be manageable, but it’ll be enjoyable once you start seeing results.

6. Check in with your provider

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to your dream body and lifestyle. Along the way, you’ll be able to chat with your provider whenever you have questions or have something you’re struggling with. The accountability is in place for you to use—so take advantage of it! Check-in with them at least once a month to ensure you’re on the right track. Think you’re the right fit? 

Fill out the form to get started today!

Welcome To MD ExamYour Chance To Finally Lose Weight & Feel Great

MD Exam is a telehealth service specializing in safe and effective medical weight loss tactics that cater to your specific body type.

While some doctors will send you to get gastric bypass or stomach stapling, we recognize those are expensive and quick fixes that don’t give you the tools to succeed after the fact.

An AGA (American Gastroenterological Association) study found that 59% of people regained 20% or more of the weight they originally lost after surgery.

And for a procedure that averages anywhere from $20,000-$25,000, we’d hardly call it a successful method. As medical professionals, we understand our job doesn’t just stop at diagnoses or prescriptions.

When it comes to medical intervention, we need to be there with you for the long run:Guiding you through the ups and downs.Making adjustments along the way. Ensuring you have all the necessary tools to succeed on your own. Unfortunately, most medical practices are far too pricey to be sustainable for 90% of Americans—which is why MD Exam works so well. As a telehealth service, everything is done online. We’ve streamlined everything we possibly could, so you’re only paying for the help you’re getting from our medical professionals. And because of that, we can offer quality care at a practical price. We’ve helped over 3000 patients who’ve struggled for years to drop weight but, for some reason, couldn’t keep it off. Using proven medical weight loss methods and the accountability needed to make lasting change in the first 6-12 months, we’ve seen a 93% success rate that’s unmatched. 

The "Lose Weight, Feel Great" Guarantee

At MD Exam, we have multiple different programs and offers available. We know we need various strategies to shed fat and keep it off for good. We serve so many different people with different genetics, and despite what some might think, there’s no “one size fits all” pill or program. What works is a combination of our best effort leveraging science and your best effort simply showing up for yourself every day. It may not be easy, but we’ll do everything we can to make it feel that way for you. Our team has seen nearly every circumstance and situation where people struggle with weight loss. And because we’re so confident that we can help you on your journey to a better, lighter you, MD Exam offers a full “Lose Weight, Feel Great” guarantee on all of our programs.

If you do your part, follow your recommended plan, and STILL aren’t losing weight within the first 90 days, we’ll give you a full refund on the spot. But we know you won’t need to do that. Because so many patients who stuck to their plans are currently living their best lives. They were dedicated to their success and simply needed some help from modern medicine and guidance along the way. When you have our providers on your side, the only thing getting in the way is your decision to take the help or not. And right now, you have a choice: you can continue life as it is, struggling to lose weight or feel comfortable in your own body…Or you can do what hundreds/thousands of other people just like you have done and start seeing your life and body transform like this

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